A Little About Me

I'm a Barrie native living in Ottawa working in the high tech, manufacturing and education sectors.

some of my many hats

  • Industrial designer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Inventor (US and EU patents)

  • Ux Researcher

  • Research scientist

  • Teacher

  • Technician

  • Programmer

You can find me around the web at:


Youtube some videos I have shared online over the years

Twitter @dewarmade A place that I share tech, manufacturing of jello ear molds and interesting locations I visit

Instagram no longer active on this platform but you can see some of the things i have gotten up to including putting a solar powered custom made 3d printer in the canoe and printing little ducks as i went around a lake in quebec

Tech Temple A new site I am starting to share some of the things that I get up to with tech including networking, Arduino, IOT devices, automotive and so on (Still need to move content over)

Ottawa Design A community building project of mine to help connect the design community in the Ottawa area.

Botany Farms An outlet to share my green and grey thumb as I build automated gardens for local food production (Still need to move content over)

Meme Magnetism A fun startup I am working on with Jason Cobill to automatically 3d print letter magnets in the font of your choice so that you can write memes on your fridge or other surface

You can reach out to me at anthony@ottawadesign.ca if you are interested in hiring me for a project or teaming up for a fun collaboration.